10 Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid – Part 3

This is part 3 of the series – 10 Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid.

Content Creation Mistakes

You must have heard the populweb-designar catch phrase “Content is King”, and this still holds true for this year as well as for the next few coming years. When search engines are busy ranking websites and web pages, the number one criteria for them is quality content, and if your website fails to deliver on that then you are missing out on some major search engine traffic. Users are also looking for quality and informative posts that will help them be better and more informed. So hire some good writers and make sure you content is not only good but also easily readable and accessible.

Key Content

This one is really important. The most important parts of the website and your key content should be easily accessible. The user’s attention span is small and it is getting smaller by the day, and so it important to make sure that your key and most valuable content is the most easily accessible one.

Update Website Regularly

If you are running a successful website, then it is important to keep the technology behind it updated and secure. Otherwise your website runs the risk of being hacked which can pose some serious problems. You can lose all your data, financial details, clients’ information and clients themselves.

Make sure that your themes and plugins are all updated and working as intended, always use a captcha before accepting any user submitted data and make sure that all the entry points of your domain are secured.


Imagine the expression on the user’s face when he clicks on a link to your website and he is greeted with a page not found error. This creates a bad impression. Do not let it happen. Make sure that all the live pages are loading properly and that nothing is broken or in not working condition.