10 Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid – Part 1

There is a lot of talk about new age web designing trends like parallax scrolling and mobile friendly responsive websites, and between all this, there are still some mistakes that are being committed by the designers who are working for their clients.

Here are 10 mistakes that you should watch out for whether as a designer or as a client:

Responsive Design

According to a recent report by the biggest search engine in the world, more than 40 percent of searches online are made via a mobile device. This means smartphones and tablets. The importance of having a mobile friendly site that is capable of scaling down graphics and layout to fit the small screen is more important than ever before. Make sure your website has one.

Using Free Buildersresponsive-webdesign

This is another mistake that you should avoid if you love your business and are serious about it. Some people go for free website builders instead of professional designers in order to save money, however what they end up with is a non-functional crap of a site that will fail to covert as expected leading to frustration and loss of sales. The “drag and drop” functionality that is being offered by so many domain and web hosting providers is nothing but crap. Do not fall for it. It will not save you time but instead, you will be asked to pay a premium price at a later stage and then you will find yourself stuck.

Remember the Design Elements

It is important to strike a balance is life, no matter what you are doing and the same is also true for your website and the business it is promoting. Do not ignore design elements; however do not go crazy with them either. Too many options and customization can distract the users, too little and you will bore them. The use of graphics should be limited but functional.